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Basic Confined Space Entry

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Our Basic Confined Space Entry training is a half-day scenario-based course, which serves as part two of our confined space training. This safety training course is specifically designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required for confined space entry certification while wearing a breathing apparatus.

Throughout the course, participants will cover topics such as identifying hazards, general rescue planning and procedures, and safe work practices.


Blended Learning is an option for this course by completing the Confined Space Pre-Entry online course and then completing Confined Space Entry in person within 14 days.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the Basic Confined Space Entry training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate proper job planning required prior to entering a confined space as part of a team.
  • Plan the Emergency Response and demonstrate the procedures for a confined space to ensure compliance with safety regulations and certificate tracking.
  • Plan, as part of a team, the proper gas testing requirements for a confined space in compliance with industry standards.
  • Plan and demonstrate effective communication methods as a team member within a confined space for optimal safety training.
  • Understand and meet the physical and psychological limitations of personnel entering a confined space.
  • Properly demonstrate the donning and doffing of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Demonstrate body manipulations and rescue techniques during a rescue while in a confined space to ensure safety compliance.
  • Enter a confined space without demonstrating any physical or psychological limitations, meeting safety certification requirements.
  • Select and utilize appropriate equipment during a rescue for both rescuers and injured person within the confined space, promoting safety compliance.

Course Outline

PRE-REQS: Basic Confined Space Pre-Entry or Basic Confined Space Pre-Entry Online

PPE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS CLASS: Steel-toed boots, hard hat, gloves, coveralls, safety glasses

CANCELLATION POLICY: No shows will be Charged the full course fee. Full Course fee will be charged unless cancelled 5 business days prior to course. Certification of training will not be released until payment for the course has been submitted. 

RESCHEDULING POLICY: Training will be rescheduled to another available class and must be taken place within 6 months. If the training has not taken place within 6 months of the original start date Global Training Centre will consider the class cancelled by you and all deposits, fees and remaining balance will be forfeited.

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4 hours
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