Fire Training, Classroom, and Practical

First Aid Firefighter

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This half-day program is designed to meet the needs of a Fire Warden Program, or for personnel in need of very basic training on 30 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher operations. The program includes classroom theory as well as practical training on Global’s Fire Field.

The course’s theoretical and practical content can be increased at any time to meet corporate specifics. Course cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Learning Objectives:

Classroom Theory:

  • Understand the basic elements of a fire: gain knowledge of the fundamental components necessary for a fire to occur, including fuel, heat, and oxygen.
  • Learn about the classification of fires: familiarize yourself with the different classes of fires, such as Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids and gases), Class C (electrical fires), and so on. Understand the characteristics and appropriate methods of extinguishing each class.
  • Explore different fire extinguishing agents: study the various substances used to extinguish fires, such as water, foam, carbon dioxide (CO2), dry chemical powders, and wet chemical agents. Understand the properties and effectiveness of each agent in combating specific fire types.
  • Familiarize yourself with the types and uses of fire extinguishers: identify the different types of fire extinguishers available, such as ABC extinguishers, CO2 extinguishers, water extinguishers, and specialized extinguishers for specific applications. Learn about the appropriate situations to use each type of extinguisher and the proper technique for operating them.


  • Successfully extinguish two fires using a 30 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher: apply the theoretical knowledge gained to practical scenarios by effectively using a 30 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher to extinguish fires. Develop the skills and confidence necessary to respond to fire incidents promptly and safely.
  • Successfully collaborate with team members to extinguish one fire using 30 lb. fire extinguishers: experience working as part of a team in a firefighting scenario. Coordinate efforts with fellow participants to effectively extinguish a fire using 30 lb. fire extinguishers. Learn the importance of communication, coordination, and cooperation in firefighting situations ensuring compliance with safety regulations and certificate tracking.

By completing our First Aid Firefighter training, you will achieve these learning objectives and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond to fire incidents, ensure the safety of yourself and others, and effectively utilize fire extinguishing equipment.


This course requires participants to meet minimum standards, including achieving a minimum mark of 70% on the written competency exam and successfully extinguishing the required fires.

Course Outline


PPE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS CLASS: Fire-retardant coveralls, steel-toed boots, hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, outer-wear (suitable to weather conditions)

CANCELLATION POLICY: No shows will be Charged the full course fee. Full Course fee will be charged unless cancelled 5 business days prior to course. Certification of training will not be released until payment for the course has been submitted. 

RESCHEDULING POLICY: Training will be rescheduled to another available class and must be taken place within 6 months. If the training has not taken place within 6 months of the original start date Global Training Centre will consider the class cancelled by you and all deposits, fees and remaining balance will be forfeited.

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4 hours
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